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Namdoling Monastery Objective

Objectives of Namdoling Monastery in brief:
Preservation of the local cultures, bring further possibilities of tourism, continuity of Buddhist teachings & Buddha Dharma, preserve natural beauties, flora and fauna and bring harmony, play role for the world peace, welfare of all sentient beings, awareness about health, environment, and many other activities to uplift the society etc and involvement of community people at large.

Target Group and beneficiaries: 
As it used to be one of the oldest and the most important significant monasteries of Juving Village Development committee, the reconstruction of it will  definitely revive those benefits to the local communities linking with household level community people in terms of following aspects: 

Rational of Namdoling Monastery:    
a.    Tourism development in local areas: 

As Namdoling monastery is located in the tourism route heading directly towards the very important Mera Peak (6,476m), Mt. Baruntse (7,129m) expeditions,  Hinku and Hongu valley treks. The lower part of the monastery also links directly to the most famous Everest region trail. Of course, reconstruction of this monastery will attract more tourism in the region directly benefitting the upliftment of the people in terms of employment, business opportunities and many other beneficial things directly and indirectly associated in lives of the people living in the region and this will bring socio-economic prosperity to common people.

b.    Preservation of culture:
More than 95% of the Buddhist community living in Nepal; follow the most ancient “Nyingmapa” tradition of Buddhism and so do all people living the region and as this monastery has been following the same, it helps further preservation of this tradition/culture. The monastery has also been serving daily, monthly and annual traditional ‘pujas’, prayers, festivals and other ceremonies etc. This will create a culture of prevention and contribute in local development.

C. Role of Monastery in building social harmony: 
There is no doubt that this Gumba (monastery) has been serving as focal point in contributing social welfare and harmony in community through  different teachings of Buddhism about non-violence, harmonizing , importance of human lives in living and after death etc. This monastery also aims to provide one of the important meditation and retreat centres.