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About Us

Namdroling Monastery & Institute is one of the oldest monasteries located in Nepal, Solukhumbu district, Juving Village Development Committee (VDC), Ward No. 01, Lenji Kharka (Khari-Khola) village at an altitude of 2,700m / 8,858ft on the tourism route to Mera peak, Hinku and Hongu valley. This monastery plays a very significant role as an important social service centre for people living in the region. It is one of the very significant, important cultural centre/institute of  the region that has also been serving daily, monthly and annual traditional ‘pujas’, prayers, festivals and other ceremonies etc creating a culture of prevention and contribute in local harmony & development.

This monastery is officially registered under the concerned government authorities of Nepal and affiliated with different Non-governmental Social organizations.

The objective of this monastery / institute is purely to preserve the local cultures, bring further possibilities of tourism, continuity of Buddhist teachings & Buddha Dharma, and other syllabuses, preservation of natural beauties, flora and fauna and bring harmony, play role for the world peace, welfare of all sentient beings, awareness about health, environment, and many other activities to uplift the society etc.

In order to better function & sustainability of this institute, it has an Eleven member Central (Kathmandu) and Local (village) Sub-committee that will continuously look after the functioning of the monastery and other objectives and also liaise with government agencies regarding any issues related to the monastery.

There were heavy damages to the monastery buildings due to the devastating earthquake on 25th April 2015 and big aftershocks and this has completely stopped the activities taking place in the monastery/institute and we are continuously working to find funds for reconstruction to normalize the service to the community soonest as possible.